Zappiti Explorer is a dedicated File Manager for Zappiti Player 4K. With it you can easy explore and launch playback of your music, pictures and video contents. But Zappiti Explorer is more than just a file explorer — it also provides many advanced multimedia features.

File Explorer
- Explore your files displayed in list view and click it to start playback.
- Explore and browse your local hard drives connected via SATA or USB.
- Explore and browse your network folders.

- Start playback of your files in loop or in playlist.
- Resume playback.

- Launch a musical slideshow from a folder containing photos and one or more audio files.
- Switch the audio tracks during a slideshow.
- Customize the duration.
- Go to the next picture or previous picture during a slideshow using the LEFT / RIGHT buttons on the RC.
- Set the transition mode including dynamic camera mode.

- Explore your music files with display of the album thumbnail.
- Start the audio playback of a complete folder (including subfolders).
- Loop and shuffle options.
- Continue to explore your audio files during playback.

File management
- Copy, Cut, Paste.
- Select, Select all.
- Remove.
- Rename.

- Support for copying multiple files in multitasking.
- Remove one or more current tasks using the task manager window.